Note: Skip this post if you’ve never watched any of How I Met Your Mother.

For these past few weeks, I have realized something. I realized that out of all the casts of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), I am somehow alike Robin. No, not physically, not the fact that she’s Canadian either but by character.

At some point in my life or at all point, I guess, I thought I was always Lily. A Robin never really crossed my mind. That’s very ignorant or very in denial. How could I be a Lily when I have never had a Marshall. So that’s just not possible.

I had encountered so many Teds and a few Barneys. I have always liked a Ted but sometimes I find a Barney is so much more interesting and exciting. A Ted could have it all, the look, the stability, the warmth, sweet and almost perfect. While a Barney is more playful, pretty laid back but doesn’t really commit but he still have a heart and desires to be with someone.

A Barney attracts a Robin more than a Ted does. But still in the end, Robin didn’t end up with Barney or Ted. So how am I like Robin ? That’s for you to figure out yourself.  :)

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