Hello there August.

It has only been about a week but to be honest dear August, you have been very very unpredictable. You surprised me a lot before I could even catch a breath. Things already happened when I least expected it. One of things are those that feels so good but so wrong.

So anyway, the football season is back. It’s good to see my boys back in action. They started great, as they always were by beating the Blues 3-1 in the Community Shield. I have missed the Premier League so much. World Cup didn’t really help though. I am already on two Fantasy teams and I am so on it as the season starts this weekend !  ;)

Ramadhan is here too. This would be another Ramadhan away from my family. A first for my brother. For me, I am pretty used to it already. People are already wishing and greeting each other on Ramadhan and I hope those aren’t just wishes and greetings. You know what I mean.

The semester, is also ending by the end of this month. Only a few weeks left then I’ll be off for Raya holidays and then only having the final exams after Raya. Yea seriously. Then after that, is where another life begins.


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