Puke On Wook

I found something disgusting today. This disgusting thing I found today is the same disgusting thing I found last month. Blame the newspaper, The Star.

So last month it reported on this 108 year-old woman who wanted a baby with her 38 year-old husband. Who is also her 23rd husband ! I repeat, a baby with her 38 year-old husband. Yes, SEVENTY years age difference ! That is the first part of the disgusting thing. You know, 10 years age difference, is fine. 20 years still fine, 30 years, well that happens but SEVENTY years ? That is just so EUW. No, double EUW cause the older one is the wife.

I was disgusted when the husband said, ” we have tried to have a baby, but we can’t due to her age factor.” Oh my. Come on, you shouldn’t have even thought of trying to have a baby. I mean, look at your wife. Seriously. Imagine a 108 year-old with a baby bump. o_O

Then I thought and I hoped very much that was the first and the last news of the couple. I WAS WRONG.

Today, I flipped The Star again and there they are again ! The title was, “108 year-old Wook weaves magic to keep younger hubby” and it gets worse. Can’t help it, but I need to correct The Star, it is supposed to be “108 year-old Wook weaves magic to keep A LOT younger hubby” . Yea that’s more like it.

Back to the ‘it gets worse’ part. I am just going to quote it cause it’s just too disgusting.
So she said ”

“I will massage him when he starts to talk about younger women. This will dissuade him from thinking about them,” and she went on, yes she actually did. ”

Also reported : Asked the technique of the massage, Wook refused to share her secret, but said the focal point of the massage was to concentrate on rubbing the sensitive parts of the body. She said it was the same massage that she used to keep all her previous 22 husbands remain true to her until their death.


I am out of words when I read that. Very old woman, you are really disgusting. You both are. You and your husband.
Seriously The Star, we don’t care about them. Are you really out of news to report on ? Wait. Is this even a God damn news ? I don’t know what will The Star follow up more on them. I don’t even know why they should follow up in the first place.

Please. Enough of them. I am disgusted.
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3 thoughts on “Puke On Wook

  1. eshika August 3, 2010 / 2:31 PM

    yeah, its suck.. i cant even closed my moUth whn i read dat damn newspaper

  2. nanabena August 3, 2010 / 7:07 PM

    Oh my god! Insanity at its best! Takut betul.

    • Aysha August 3, 2010 / 7:36 PM

      I doubt that this woman is even human. I mean 22 of her husbands are all dead. She’s 108. Did she ‘took’ all her husbands’ lives or something ? scary.

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