I have attended the recording of the new reality show on Astro , Keynote, twice. First was the third concert and second was the last concert which was held last Tuesday night.

I seriously had no idea on what on Earth Keynote was at first when Imran invited me to the recording of the show. It was only clear when I arrived in Lim Kok Wing Hall of Fame (where the recording took place) and saw the Astro and Astro Ria buntings hung around the hall.

Moving on, Imran was there as one of the contestant’s supporters. Turned out the contestant was his friend so I just tagged along with him which is in a way, I am too a supporter of his friend. Well I was seated around the family and friends so that means I have to cheer for him and boo his rivals (?)

His other rivals are good actually and I love Keroz’s, Nazrin’s and Faan’s songs BUT I can’t cheer for them and I can’t applause them any louder than I applause for the one that I am supposed to support. If I did I believe I would got beaten  up. Serious. The fans that I was seated with were crazy. Sometimes, over-supporting.

Anyway, the last concert, the songs were good. They did well. The results will only be announced next week. My dirty little secret is, I don’t think the-one-I-am-suppose-to-support to win but I am sure he will end up on the top three. Hopefully. If not, hmm it will be a chaos.


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