Dear Brother,

Today is your firsts of almost everything. Today is your firsts of something new. Today is when you enter another phase or chapter of life, College life, away-from-home life.

  1. there’s no Mak here to cook your favourite meal. There’s no Mak here to do your laundry. There’s no Mak here to wake you up every morning. There’s no Mak here to tell you to make up your bed.
  2. there’s no Ayah here to drive you here and there. There’s no Ayah here to talk football with. There’s no Ayah here to monitor your sleep timing. There’s no Ayah here to guide you how to drive.
  3. there are no Nadhrah and Nabihah here to annoy you. They are not here to joke and laugh around with. They are not here for you to bully and mess around with. They are not here to talk on something that you can’t talk to Mak and Ayah.
  4. you will meet all kinds of new people. Meet all people but you don’t have to be friends with all. You can be careful in choosing friends but don’t be too careful because if you are then you will not learn. You will learn to live from people you meet and eventually you will discover yourself.
  5. I remembered what Ayah told me when I first had my College life. Ayah told me to be in control of myself. So be in control of yourself. When you feel that you are a little bit off track, pull yourself back in and carry on. When you realised that you kind of lose yourself, come back to God. You’ll find peace.
  6. you will find college and living away from home is fun and the best thing. With allowance coming in every week, hang out till dawn. Meeting friends, discover new things, new places. But I promise you, at the end of the day, it is always home that you will miss the most even though home doesn’t offer the same fun we had here.
  7. always remember the reason why you are in College and do not forget to have fun and live your life. Balance it. I know you could do it. You’ve done it before.
  8. remember that it’s something new back at home too. There were 6 of use, then 5 when I went to College and now there are only 4 of them back at home. The house must be quite now, kan ? I can imagine now. I believe Mom will keep busy during the day and at night she’ll miss you very much but she’ll get used to it. Don’t worry Mommy’s boy.  :)
  9. be very careful with girls. They could be manipulative. Be even MORE careful with your money when it comes to girls. Stay cool. Well I never really talked to you about girls. I don’t know if we will ever do. I’ll come back to it with you later cause it’s going to be a long talk.
  10. I am maybe a useless ignorant sister sometimes though I think I never ignored you in any way. I guess that makes me annoying sister then. Just remember that no matter what, no matter how, I will ALWAYS be there for you.

Your sister.



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