The Lamest Thing

Out of all phrases or quotes that has ever been created or existed in this world, I favour the phrase “people make mistake”/ “I’m only human I’m not perfect” the LEAST. The phrase won’t even make my Top 1000 Favourite Quotes but it definitely leads the 1000 Quotes I Loathe The Most. Okay enough exaggerating.

Obviously, the phrase is used when a mistake is done. So to say that people make mistake and that you are not perfect is by far the lamest excuse anyone could come out with and I don’t buy it, never.

First and foremost, we are all humans and we are all very much aware that we are not born perfect and will never be perfect. We make mistake, yes but don’t ruin your apologies for your mistakes with that phrase. It’s a contradiction to your apology, don’t you think so ? When you say that, it is like you’re saying it is okay for you to make mistake and you don’t need to apologize because you are only human and you are not perfect. -_- THAT you should really keep it yourself.

Some people even commit a mistake intentionally and with intention to “come clean” afterwards with “people make mistake” and expect to just get away with it. Well it doesn’t work like that. I know it will never work with me. I know you made a mistake, I know you aren’t perfect. An apology would be enough. It’s for me to decide if the apology is accepted or not but if the sorry comes with “people make mistake”, what do you expect ? So are you going to apologize for saying “people make mistake” now ?  -_-

p.s : this is a personal point of view. No offence.


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