The One Six

This photo was taken when I was 5 and on the left is my sister Nadhrah, she was 1 year old.

Nadhrah is anything that I am not. She is the good one, the smart one. It has always been like that. She is more like my brother. She has his brain and they even look alike each other. Like a female version of my brother. Serious.

Nadhrah keeps secrets better than I do. She’s a professional. I never thought she ever had a boyfriend all her life when she actually already had two boyfriends. What’s weird is, she is forever on and off with the same two boys since she was 13 !

She’s the only one in the siblings who wears the Hijab, she started this year I think. She is very reserved but at times loves arguing and debating. But when she overdoes it, it would be really annoying to a point where I can’t stand her. But I get over it. Oh she is also very motherly. She can cook and takes care of the house. See, nothing like me, in a good way.  :P

She is sixteen today ! How did she grew up so fast ? She was just a little girl. I’m glad she grew up being a good person. Not too much trouble and I hope it stays that way as she grew older.  :)

So dearest sister, you’ve reached the sweet sixteen. Hope it would always be sweet for you. Happy Birthday.


2 thoughts on “The One Six

  1. saraa July 19, 2010 / 7:12 PM

    awwwwww , sweet lah :)

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