Long Hijab, Tiny Brain

My youngest sister got back from school last Friday and told my Dad that a ustazah was present at the school to give a ceramah, supposedly a religious ceramah on what’s halal and haram to the Form 1 and 2 muslim students of the school.

It surprised everyone of us in the family when she told us what the ustazah talked about. First of all, the ustazah is a member and some sort of a dealer for a network marketing product. So as she was given her ceramah, she was selling at the same time. FAIL 1 : Unprofessional.

The ustazah said to the students that we can’t eat sausages, chicken sausages. According to her, it is haram because the chickens feed on food (dedak) that contains parts or flesh of the pigs. FAIL 2 : Shallow

In order to promote her products, which was a toothpaste, she even said that the toothpaste sold in the market are haram because it contains this and that. So it is halal to buy the toothpaste from her. -_-  FAIL 3 : Fool

She also said that we can’t drink Coca-Cola because Coke is Israel’s. You know how she said it and I quote from my sister, ” Kalau kamu minum Coke, maknanya kamu sayang Israel lah. Lebih baik minum air longkang daripada minum Coke. “ WHAAAATTT ?!  FAIL 4 : Double Daft

Seriously ? This kind of people still walk on this land and breathe this air ? Dad went to complain to the Principal on why would they invite such people to give a talk and pollute the kids’ minds. I wonder if the ustazah was even a qualified ustazah. It is such a shame and I feel sorry for her to be born and grew up with such a narrow mind.



2 thoughts on “Long Hijab, Tiny Brain

  1. nanabena July 19, 2010 / 4:05 AM

    oh my god I loathe such people. People who think they can talk and over-judge. Not just that, daft enough.

    • Aysha July 19, 2010 / 12:41 PM

      yea and I don’t know how they survive this era.

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