Shutter Island and Inception are very much alike. Different directors but the concept is quite the same. Only that I think Inception is more interesting and I guess Leonardo DiCaprio now has been stereotyped. Now people could guess how is the movie like if he’s in it.

There will be a twist at the end of the movie. Leaving the audience confused or maybe anxious. It’s a movie that let people decide on what they prefer the ending to be like. It could be this, or it could be that or it could be both. Any of it is right. There’s no accurate and exact ending for Shutter Island as well as Inception.

Then again, not many could appreciate or value this kind of movie. Some may think it’s rubbish or pointless. But for me it’s genius. Inception isn’t a movie for all because it isn’t a light movie. Those who like and can think deep would like Inception. Those who don’t would find it frustrating.



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