I don’t always admit my weakness. I don’t believe in telling people our weaknesses. Not being in denial but weakness to me is something that is for me to know and for you to find out. But here I will tell you one of my weaknesses. This one time only. One of them is blood.

This is also the reason why I don’t do outdoor activities or play any sports. I am tempted to try futsal but the idea that it is possible for me to be injured in the game scares me off. So the temptation will instantly go away. I become too cautious, afraid if someone will hurt me or even I will injure myself and things like that.

Another thing I can’t stand is gruesome body parts chopping or cutting or slicing movies. Not only movies, I couldn’t even stand medical program on TV which shows an operation being done or something. I always labelled movies like this as Saw-like movies. Just because Saw is  A LOT of cutting and chopping and blood squirting.

I thought Saw was the worst of all but I was wrong. The movie Teeth that I watched last night, which I watched out of curiosity is the worst among the worst that I have ever seen. It is damn bloody disgusting and the worst movie ever made. Actually, disgusting is an understatement. No I am not exaggerating. Serious.

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