The Third Part

My thoughts on Eclipse.

First, it was definitely better than the other two. New Moon was the worst and even Edward looked awful in New Moon. He looks better in Eclipse but not better looking than Jacob. I’m starting to like Bella a little bit. She’s awesome in Eclipse JUST BECAUSE she had two men at the same time. Okay not really ‘had’ them in that way. No.

Edward Cullen is still annoying to me and that sparkling thing is hilarious ! Sorry Team Edward. Edward-Bella scenes are boring. Too cheesy, too mushy, too corny. Sorry Team Edward-Bella. Jacob is the cool one but he needs to chill a little bit. Sorry a little bit, Team Jacob, I still am Team Jacob. ;)

Overall it was good. Acceptable for a non-Twilight fan like me. The best part was, Adam thought Eclipse is the last and the end of Twilight Saga as he had no idea of Breaking Dawn. HAHA ! He only knew yesterday. Now imagine how he was feeling the whole time he was watching Eclipse, thinking it was the last. :P

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