I love random stuff and random plans. Making plans isn’t really my thing. Not that I loathe making plans but I just like random and spontaneous things better.

Like today, after lunch with Adam at Fullhouse in Sunway Pyramid, the bill receipt was attached to this treasure hunt map. It’s a contest actually that you have to find the Fullhouse standees around the mall where each standee will have questions. Then I thought since we had plenty of time, so why not just do this, just for fun.  ;)

Glad that Adam was up for it too although I think he was up for it because of me. Sweet. hehe. Basically, I think he did all the findings since he’s the man, and a man with the map. He could have done that without me. Okay no, I found one standee and got three answers before we got back to the Restaurant. He got only one answer, which was Tiffany, of course. -_-

We had fun. Wasn’t really playing to win but it’s always good to win. Fingers crossed  ;)

3 thoughts on “Standees

    • Aysha July 6, 2010 / 6:59 PM

      how whatt ? ;)

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