Map Blind

Maybe it’s true that women are bad at reading maps but I still think that not all women can’t read maps. Unfortunately, I am not one of those who could actually read and understand maps, let alone using a compass.

First of all I am not and have never been an outdoor person, never really been in the woods, got lost anywhere, went for a real camping or anything that probably needs a map. I am more of a trial and error person. I would rather just gamble things, try and follow this route and etcetera.  Yea perhaps a map could save time and cost but for me, I think a map will cost me more time. Happens all the time.

So don’t trust me with a map or directions.Even the simplest map. That’s like a one defect that I have been living with. I wonder if one day I am going to really need a map or maybe I think there’s no need for me to know how to read a map, at least not yet ?


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