Being with Adam taught me a little bit of this and that about architecture.  I never really explored the architect world as I don’t see the significance of me doing so but then since Adam is pursuing architecture, eventually I gained some knowledge on it but I don’t plan to go too deep on learning that cause it’s complicated.

All I know is beautiful houses with interesting designs, weird unique looking buildings and don’t hand me architecture text books, I won’t understand a thing. I would just flipped and look at the photos.

So today I tagged along with Adam and his friend Ryan to the Archidex Exhibition in KLCC. Yeah you bet, I didn’t understand a thing there so I pretended I’m one of many there. -.- Only the buliding designs and home interior interest me. That got me day dreaming of a dream house for a while  ;) I kinda expected to see house models, you know those with little chairs, beds, windows, like the the doll house but to no avail. *sigh.

We didn’t spend a lot of time there though. There’s really nothing much. I guess there’s more to it if you attend it since July 1st. So then we had brunch at d’lish in Bangsar Village. We were looking for lasagna as I have been craving for it for a few days and we tried d’lish ! it’s like a sub of delicious.  :)

and as for right now, I am still craving for that lasagna !


3 thoughts on “Archi-lish

  1. nadzruladam July 5, 2010 / 7:55 PM

    i like the part ‘being with adam’ (:

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