I remembered few years back where these girls had ‘Cullen’ as their last names on Myspace. I had no idea who on Earth Cullen was and why was everybody a Cullen ? Call me lame but at that time I really was not aware of Twilight and that explains why I did not know what or who Cullen is.

Moving on, I am not really a fan neither a hater. I watched Twilight a month after the movie was released. I didn’t get it when people booked the tickets as early as they could. I just couldn’t be bothered. When I watched Twilight, first thing I wanted to see was this Cullen or more specifically, Edward Cullen that people have been crazy about. And when I saw him, I was . . . . . hmm.

So now the third sequel, Eclipse is coming up, next week I think. Again, the hype is there, I guess hardcores will forever be hardcores. Never mind that. But I don’t know if I’m watching it because, I have not watched New Moon. -_-


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