Not So Lions After All

If you are a hardcore England fan, leave. If you’re a England fan but a realist, stay.

  • I have nothing against the England team and I am not a fan of Germany either. Germany is just an ordinary team, it’s England that’s what’s wrong.
  • As expected, they lost big time to Germany and as expected, I hear England fans whine about Lampard’s goal. “Referee’s blind”, “It was a goal”, “if that goal was counted, it could make a change”. Oh please, it’s irrelevant. Reality is, they weren’t that good to win against the Germans.
  • England defense : school kids defend better than that. Seriously.
  • I am a Man United fan but Wayne Rooney is completely overrated for this World Cup. He has been dead since the beginning of the tournament.
  • That Fabio Capello should resign. He is not fit. Arrogant.
  • I thought England played good for a while then they fall apart and be England again. -_-
  • I didn’t cheer for England or Germany. I just wanted to see good football but I did cheer for David Beckham. I just had to say this, he is so HOT. Have always been a fan.  ;)
  • Anyway, England should scratch Three Lions. How about change to Tiga Ekor Anak Kucing. Yeah that’s more likely.

One thought on “Not So Lions After All

  1. alice June 28, 2010 / 11:42 PM

    yeah totally overrated.

    and uh beckham! *drools

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