Good Enough

She’s Out of My League is good for guys who have low self-esteem. That movie could be an inspiration. Honestly, I feel her, the girl from the movie. The ‘she’ of She’s Out of My League.

I had one experience with a guy who had low self-esteem. I think I blogged about it few months back where I wrote about modesty, about someone who is too modest which in my opinion is a turn off for a girl someone like me. So in this case, yeah sure the girl is hot and that just blew off the guy’s self-esteem. He thinks that the girl’s too good for him etc etc.

I loathe it when someone says that I am too good for him. I mean, come on. I, or anyone else for that matter am nothing more human than you. Worse when he started to compare. You are not thankful when you compare. I hold on to that. I am not saying that I like arrogant guys. But I just think that someone is a man when he is confident and I admire a man who believes in himself.

It’s not ourselves who decide who’s good and who’s not good for you. It happens when it happens and when it happens, you just play along. It’s easy, it’s you who make it complicated.

“It is not you who’s not good enough for me. It’s you who’s not good enough for yourself”

She’s Out of My League


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