My cousin got married last night and the reception is today. She’s 22 married to a man about 10 years her senior. She’s the second to get married among the grandchildren, I think.

The nikah was done last night at 10 freaking pm. Yeah out of all time, they picked 10pm to get married, also the kick-off time of Portugal vs Brazil. I bet many were more looking forward to leave the mosque and wishing the nikah would be over as soon as it could.

I didn’t attend the nikah and also the reception as I am away. Dad’s on Brazil and he has been looking forward for this game and last night he missed the first half of the match. But that didn’t matter, the game ended 0-0 , as what I have expected. Still, 0-0 is boring.

I wouldn’t have my solemnization ceremony at night, let alone at 10 pm. I would have it in the morning, that should be nice. Anyway, congratulations to the newly weds, Sarah and Mie  :)


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