I am patient yet impatient at the same time. I am patient as in I don’t get mad easily. My temper is still under control but that doesn’t mean you should trigger it. My impatience comes when I have to wait for something or someone and when I am excitedly eager for something or someone.

Waiting is one thing that I don’t really enjoy doing. I never liked waiting. It is just so time consuming for me even it is only for a few minutes. A few minutes seems like hours to me when I am waiting.

It is okay if I waste my own time by doing something or not doing anything at all. But it is completely not cool when people waste my time. Making me wait is one thing, wasting my precious time in unacceptable.

It is even worse when the appointment to meet was not made by me, I be there on time and yet I have to wait for an hour only to be told that the meeting is cancelled. PFFT. Yeah I kinda had a major PFFT that moment.

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