Adam said he likes it when I am in control. I do like to be in control. I have been like that since I was a little kid. Adam should know. I guess he has always liked me to be in control. In a way, being in control of things give me one kind of pleasure or some sort of satisfaction. Not that I am a control freak. That’s strong. Well of course I can’t be control of everything, I don’t want to.

I only be in control when people let me be, when someone lets himself be controlled by me. I don’t force it. I don’t make people do this or that. It just comes naturally. Except with my siblings. Being the eldest daughter, I just need to be in control but of course with limitations. I don’t go over board. They need freedom too.

As much as I enjoy being in control, I still and always loved being pampered and spoiled. I am dependent, so if I am going to spend my lifetime with someone, he needs to be someone who lets me be in control which in a way is to spoil me. At the same time he must also be in control for I need someone I could depend on. You have both ? Then you are the man.  :)

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