Furry and Spoiled

Four of our cats were infected by Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) last week. FIV is smililar to AIDS for humans. So Mom was constantly updating me on how the cats were doing. No, not that I am THAT concern on the cats but Mom is. She loves the cats the most and what happened last week upset her very much.

The cats had 50-50 chances of living and two of them were warded. Yeah as much as she loves the cats, she was bias too when she only warded her favourites.

It is fun to have cats around the house, only when they are good. We are all cats lovers except for Dad. Not that he hates them but he just won’t touch furry living things. Worse thing about having cats or any pets, I guess is to bear their deaths. It occurred to me many times that it is so much better not to keep them but Mom just must have them.I am not complaining but it’s always hard to see something we have kept since they were born die right in front of our eyes.

Anyway, the cats have recovered now, all of them. Mom’s so happy that she wanted to treat them KFC. WHAT ?! and yeah it costs RM500 for the cat to be warded only for three days plus the treatment and vet consultation. Too much. Yeah now I’m complaining.


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