Another Kind

It’s funny when Dad found out from the newspaper that his friend which is also his former colleague has remarried. The reason it came out on the news was because he married the almost veteran local artiste. I say almost veteran because I don’t really know her but she looks familiar though. A dramatist, Wafa her name.

Dad has not been in touch with him for about a year so Dad was surprised to see him in the news. Apparently, he didn’t really acknowledged people about the second marriage so the media kinda did him a ‘favour’ on that. Yeah because according to him, the media crashed his wedding. HAHA

His first wife who’s much older than him was a divorcee with five kids, then they both had a daughter together. Now he married a woman who has been married twice and that makes him her third husband but I’m not sure this second wife comes with how many kids. hehe

This man is something. His kind of love is unique or some may say weird. But I guess that’s just him. Different.

this is Dad’s snapshot of the news.

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