Nyssa and Hazirah have been my friends for almost 8 years now. I have known them since I was 12. These two are different in some ways but they have one thing in common, they cherish and value friendship very much.

She isn’t a very straight forward person. She has always been like that. When she’s upset or down, most of the time she will keep her feelings to herself. Especially when things that have got to do with her boyfriend of three years. But for that, she is pretty much used to it. When she feels like it, she will let it all out to me. I don’t mind that but I hope one day she will stand up for herself and not let people take advantage on her because keeping it all to herself isn’t doing herself any good. She knows that.

She is unlike any of my friends. Some of my friends may be like one another but not her. She is of her own kind of friend. That kind of friend like her can’t be found around that much anymore. As a person, she’s strong, true and firm. As a friend, she’s one who would be there and stand for her friends. Have their backs, especially her close friends no matter what. She may have a good heart and if you’re nice to her, she’ll be so much more. But if you betray her friendship, there’s no turning back.

So these two saw the ups and downs I had for 8 years now and I hope they will still be there too and be ready for more joys and sorrows for as long as I live.  :)


2 thoughts on “Amigas

  1. iezie June 20, 2010 / 9:06 PM

    we will have many more years ahead Aysha… xoxo! :)there’s much more to come. trust me…

    • Aysha June 20, 2010 / 11:12 PM

      for sure ! ;)

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