WC Fast Facts

  1. Group Stage is kinda boring when most of the matches ended with a draw. 1-1 and worse, 0-0. I dislike 0-0 score. But then again maybe they are just warming up. Hope it gets better as it goes.
  2. Players, especially the goal keepers seemed to have problems with the Adidas Jabulani World Cup ball. No exact reasons but they said there’s something wrong with the ball despite Adidas claims that it’s the most accurate ball ever made.
  3. Everybody seems to have issues with the vuvuzela. It’s an African thing, it’s their culture. So when you play in their country, you just got to live with that, no ?
  4. Everybody is changing their Facebook profile pictures to a photo of a football jersey now. -_-
  5. It is very annoying when girls who never watched football and know nothing about it now talk football just to be in the crowd.
  6. Astro’s and Maxis’s World Cup ads are so lame. Especially the Lampard and Messi’s ad. And why Lampard ?
  7. I still don’t know why most of the people I know, have their bets on Argentina.

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