The Language

I read blogs and I value and appreciate good blogs. I have my own definition of good blogs and ‘fun’ blogs. I read both kind of blogs, the difference is sometimes I read, take and maybe apply from good blogs but ‘fun’ blogs, I never take any of it seriously.

I think how a person blogs, shows how he/she is. Now I see even little young kids blog too. Like my youngest sister, she’s 14. Yeah that’s young to me. Mostly she blogs about Koreans.pfft. But she surprises me every time she writes. I never thought she could arrange her words that good. Only some words. Not words like ‘LOL’. I think ‘LOL’ is overused and sometimes misused.

Then again, it’s a sad sad thing when a very young girl blogs using¬†vulgar, bad words. This one is not my kind of blog. A blog where you see ‘fuck’ in a every line. That four letter word is a very strong word. Seriously, it happens here on a 14 year old girl’s blog. sad. If my sisters ever do anything like that, she’ll sure gonna get from me.

I don’t even like it when my sister wrote ‘wtf?’ on her Facebook or Twitter just to express something. I’m fine with anyone else but not my sisters. At least not yet. Not until she knows the very very right time and moment to use that word. Even so, I still think there are still other words can be used instead of ‘fuck’.

No, nothing against those who eat the word like their food. I’m just conventional when it comes to speaking and writing.


2 thoughts on “The Language

  1. Afiq Ong June 16, 2010 / 2:39 PM

    Haha! Hambik kau! Dia comment about you on her blog. U kena “fuck you”. This is figgin hilarious Sha!

    • Aysha June 16, 2010 / 2:45 PM

      no surprise ;)

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