Strong Word

When I say I don’t hate, I mean every inch of that phrase. I am no saint, of course but I don’t let myself hate anything or anyone for that matter. Sure do I have things or people that I dislike but that’s how far it will go. That is how far I will let myself feel.

For instance, the Korean bands (bands ?) , groups or whatever you call them, I don’t like them and I don’t like how my sisters, especially Nabihah is a fanatic of them. I don’t like it when I go home and see the posters on the wall of my sister’s room. I don’t like the Korean all-girl groups even more. Yeah you know which I’m talking about.

But, as much as I don’t like them, I must say that I do like some of their songs. I could do Korean dramas too. If it’s acceptable and if it’s good, then I’m fine with it.

As in football, yeah sure I am a huge fan on Man United. My love for them should never be questioned. It’s just has been and will always be like that. But that doesn’t mean I hate their rivals. Out of Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, I dislike Chelsea the most but that doesn’t mean that they are not a good team. They are good. Better than Arsenal and Liverpool indeed but just not better than Devils. ;)

I would have a very good reason not to like someone. and it will be pretty obvious when I don’t like someone. I don’t hate anyone despite whatever they have said or done to me. Hate is a waste of time and I believe life is too short to hate. :)


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