I am not really a fan of Vampires, Wolves or anything like that. My sister Nadhrah, yeah she is a huge fan of Vampires. Blame yeah you know, Twilight. All the hype over Edward Cullen apparently didn’t just stop at Edward Cullen. She then moved on to The Vampire Diaries and she is all over it.

Out of curiosity I tried to give it a chance. Watch it on DVD with my sister which is her 765697th time watching it. -_- Just done with six or seven episodes I think and so far I could swallow it. Some parts are alike Twilight but the story kinda drifted away from Twilight as it goes. Which is good.

I just watch it to fill up my time here at home. Yeah that’s how bored I am that I had to turn on Vampires but the best part is that they are hot Vampires. Well that actually got me hooked on it. ;)


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