I have always thought that I am the luckiest among my siblings. In a way that I always got what I want. But lately, I had a reality check and it seems to me that actually my brother is luckier than me. It isn’t really obvious but when you really look at it, it is him who is effortlessly always the lucky one in the house.

Yeah maybe I do get all that I want but I need a lot of demands and effort for that and that requires a lot of energy and time. It’s like it is not THAT easy for me to get everything that I want. In my brother’s case, he gets what he wants without him having to demand it at all. Seriously, AT ALL. He wants that something, he doesn’t mention it, but he still gets it. In fact, even he insists he doesn’t really need what he wants, he still gets it.

I don’t know how he does that. But things always go his way. Only a few things don’t but when that don’t, another will. By the way, now that he is entering college next month, Dad’s getting him a Macbook and an iPhone. Well I didn’t get a laptop and my BlackBerry at one time. pfft.

Okay, enough jealousy towards my own flesh and blood.


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