Budak Setan

I think I have read the book Lagenda Budak Setan some time ago but the memory of it isn’t that strong. Well at least not as strong as Adam‘s who could remember almost the whole story except how it ended  -.-

So we went to watch it today at OU. We’ve been looking forward to it since few weeks back. Adam was more eager to watch it than I was because maybe he liked the book so much. And believe me he was very much into it throughout the movie. Farid Kamil did well and of course Que Haidar too but I kinda like the first Ayu better than the second one.

Overall for me it was good. I don’t want to spoil it so much here since the movie was just released yesterday and many may have not yet watch it. All I can say is you should go and watch what the Budak Setan had to go through. Adam said the movie was heartbreaking. Yea I think he shed a tear or two. hehe

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