I WAS So Euw

I got a wall post from Faisal today. The wall post was ” Aysha I found your 16 y/o picture somewhere on the net ! “ Frankly I kinda freaked out a little bit because that moment I kept wondering “which picture ?” , “what picture? ” and “where??”. But I played cool and just replied “Diam ahh”. Then I guess Hilman went to google and found it too. damn.

I really did not remember which 16 years old picture of mine they were talking about. According to them it was from my old blog when I was bloody 16 ! Still it didn’t at all ring a bell. I can’t remember what blog . In fact I don’t even have a memory of me writing a blog when I was 16. But I bet that blog was so geli because at 16 the only thing I remembered was I had my first boyfriend.

Because I was so curious, I went to google it and found it ! At the top of the search results ! and OMG. That was so embarrassing. Like how I thought it would be, so corny so cheesy so geli lah. I still can’t remember I wrote that blog though but fortunately there were only three entries. What a relieved. I couldn’t even handle one entry of that font, that colour, that tone of writing. euw. yuck.

I didn’t even had the guts to read back all those entries, so I just deleted the blog and also the account. Those are just unbearable. I wrote ‘luv ya’ and ‘muahXX’. gosh what was I thinking ?! tak boleh bla betul.


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