Thumbs Down

Apparently my college just sucks more every semester. I am on my sixth semester. So imagine how suck it is now. It is suckier than any other semester. Actually I don’t know when has it not suck.  Okay that’s a lot of suck.

The last time  I wrote about how suck it is was last October. I was in Semester 4. Semester 5 wasn’t as bad as Semester 4 but this time, it is already screwed when the semester has just begin. Everybody knows results are to be released today, then they got everybody to come to college only to know that results will only be out on Thursday. pfft.

So the delay of the results will delay the Add/Drop for subjects. And I can’t start my classes if I haven’t registered for my subjects.  Well actually I can but it’s just me who don’t feel like attending before my subjects registration is complete. College, not that I never tried, I did, I wanted to like you but I just can’t.


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