Yesterday, May 26 2010 marked the two years of me being in college. It also marked two years of friendship between Imran and I.

Last year, on our first year as friends, best friends I wrote one happy blog about us. We’re so close like brother and sister. He has always been my caretaker here in Subang. Sometimes I do feel like I burden him too much but at the same time he is all I have.

good times

Then again I realized that within a year some things changed a little bit here and there. It’s nothing big of a deal but still as someone very close to him, I could sense it. He made new friends, I made new friends. Perhaps he found love to. That I couldn’t really clarify.

But you know, we all grow up. They way we think change, the way we lead our lives too, change. It’s just how it works and someday we’re going to be apart. But whatever happens, I always remember and regard him as my best friend and I hope he will too.

So my caretaker, neighbour , brother , best friend and “as-if” boyfriend ,
Happy two years.

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