The Unusual

Nadhrah : kawan je sekarang. ahh cari orang lain la. yang takde masalah

Me : eleh , cakap je. pfft

Nadhrah : satu pergi, sejuta datang. HAHA poyo

Me : pffffftttt. Yohes je. Takpun Farhan . Balik balik tu. Boringggg

Nadhrah : Jiran tersayang, Amir Ikhwan je laaaa. HAHA !

Me : EUW. okay now dah geli. kbye.

Just when I thought my sister isn’t sharing much with me , just when I thought I could handle it , this conversation just made me feel awkward. It isn’t a bad thing that she is already sharing. And that wasn’t so much. But it is not often for me to see her talking in such manner.

Maybe she could take it slow on sharing with me so that I could get used to it and not be so EUW. In fact, I have never seen her talking like this. I’m going to need time to adapt this part of her I guess.


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