My younger sister who is 16 this year don’t really share things with me. Not to say that we’re not close but she’s the kind of person who prefers to share things with her friends , I think. But then I think my youngest sister knows more of her than I do. That makes sense because there are only two of them left at home with my parents.

Sometimes as a sister, the eldest , I feel like I need and should know everything about my brother and sisters. Of course that doesn’t work vice versa. It’s only me on them, not them on me. Even the littlest things, I have the need to know and I don’t like it if I don’t know what’s going on in their lives.

Well my sister, on love or relationship wise, she is more reserved and she’s pretty good, actually real good at keeping it low. Perhaps better than me. pfft. Then again, from time to time I’ll make her tell. She just needs to be more open with me. It’s for her own good. Well she did open up and actually talked about it recently since her FB status got me curious.


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