Facebook has started to bore me and annoy me. It used to be exclusive. Yeah that was why I ditched Myspace since Myspace had become garbage. Sorry but that’s the first word that came out in my mind when I think of Myspace. And looks like Facebook is in the beginning to follow Myspace’s step.

The fan pages and groups have been abused and it’s getting worse by days. Craps are mounting all over Facebook. That’s so annoying and it is such a sore to my eyes.

I am now filtering my friends list. Allowing ONLY people I know of 18 years and above. Well yeah, some of my sister’s friends of 15, 16 are there and I don’t see the point of them being my ‘friends’. And by 18 and above, I mean those who have the thinking of 18 and above. Not only 18 and above by age.

So yeah I hope this could bring back the exclusiveness of my Facebook.

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