Frowns of Friday

Friday, May 21st 2010 . This day and date shows time matters very much, how a single second could change something, how a minute is precious and most importantly how that single second and minute or hour will never come back again, how we couldn’t turn back time.

It was an exhausting and hectic Friday. Time and money consuming in just a day ! How one thing involves a few people and how they were all, including me squeezing every inch of our brain to find a way out and make the damn decision. It was a very excruciating night.

I mentioned about my interview and for some reasons that couldn’t be avoided in every possible way that we all had came out with yesterday, I finally had to postpone my internship to September 2010. I am screwed but I have no choice.
Though the job looked very interesting and I am very keen on it, my only option is to postpone it.

So I guess I am back to school yet again next semester that starts in June. With ONLY 2 subjects ! What am I gonna do with that so much of free time ? *sigh

Anyway, thanks to Nyssa and Adam for listening to whatever that had happened on that particular dark Friday.

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