Catch a Breath

When it comes to men (yea now I prefer the term men than guys, boys of course is out of my interest) I have two major weaknesses.

1. Deep voice
I expect all men to have men’s voice and my definition of men’s voice is deep voice. To me, one of the reasons I call a man, A MAN is if he has a deep voice. So there’s a bit of turned off there if you have brain and looks but your voice is like a duck. Or worse, like Justin Bieber.

2. Good smell , e.g with cologne/perfume
Amazing how a scent on a man could somehow overshadows his looks, brain and attitude. But this one doesn’t last.  It may be for only a while until the scent goes off but still it’s alluring. In a way,men that smell good shows that he takes good care of himself.

I say they are my weaknesses because I am someone who sets my expectations quite high on a man but these two could make my heart skipped a beat despite everything that he is or could be.


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