Tough Heart

I had my interview today and I guess for me, as a first timer who has never been interviewed and never worked before, it went quite well. I was nervous when it was one hour to the interview. It was like I wanted to give up on that interview but of course I couldn’t do that.

Well it was just a casual interview, I think it was quite obvious that it was my first time since the interviewer could easily guessed it was my first time. He wasn’t being so hard on me though but still my hands were shaking a little.

His question that kinda make me think twice was when he asked if I am tough mentally and whether I am sensitive ? I hesitated for a moment there but I knew that this heart of mine is as hard as stone. Almost heartless, in certain cases of course. Because working in a production you’ll have to bear the insults, the straight forward-ness and anything like that. A strong heart is a requirement.

I am uncertain if I am THAT strong. But I guess I have to try to figure it out then.


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