It’s So Wrong but It’s Alright

First of all, spot on to Farhanah Diman on her post Character Check. I couldn’t agree more with her. Every single word she wrote on that particular post is true.

I used to care of what people think of what I am, what I do, where I go, and everything about my life. That was few years back but none of that matters to me anymore. Dad especially, thought and told me not to care so much of what people think of us. He said, don’t let them control you. TRUE.

I have been called snobbish, arrogant, full of myself, in denial, stuck up oh and even someone said I was trying to be a bitch but I can’t. That’s indeed the funniest thing I have ever encountered ! I never let that effect me in any way, at least not anymore.  I didn’t get mad at them when they say that, I didn’t even agree.

People have rights on their own opinions and I have my right to agree or not agree. Most importantly it’s up to me on how I take their views on me and my life. and of course, I couldn’t be bothered of whatever they shall say.

All I know is that people who make such remarks, don’t really know me and very unlikely I would wanna prove myself to them that I am not what they think I am.  I just don’t waste my time like that.


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