Urban Cliche

I see that things are easily made cliche nowadays. It’s like how one person use a certain phrase or a line from a lyric then everybody starts using it too. Well it’s pretty obvious on Facebook. Everywhere on their statuses.

I can’t remember which comes first but at one time, well not so long ago the line “you’re the only exception” was everywhere across twitter, facebook and even blogs. ย Well I guess at that moment everybody was not exceptional after all.

Then there comes “I’ll never be the same, if we ever meet again” . This one was a hit, it became cliche and not special at all when everybody was saying the same thing. It was more likely ” I’ll always be the same, if we ever meet again “. ย Then this one faded too, of course.

The latest one is “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?ย I could really use a wish right now” . Oh come on people, seriously. Why all be the same ? Be interesting, be different. Don’t boring my Facebook. Don’t turn something so sweet into something so boring.


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