Not My Norm

I am maybe screwed, superly screwed because up to this moment I have NOT yet started doing my resume. I don’t know if Angel has done her or not. Because if not, we’re both screwed. My internship is supposedly to start in June and that is not so long from now. I don’t know what’s holding me back from doing my resume and email it at least.

Well okay maybe I know what’s blocking me. It’s maybe because I don’t know if I’m ready and prepared for work. If I am ready to be employed, to be working doing things under other people. For twenty years of living, most of the years I only go to school, I only knew how to be a student. I have never worked before. hmm.

Well the place I might be going for my internship is almost certain. It’s maybe some production company in KL. It’s good that I have my uncle who works in the broadcasting field. I could always count on him. So I’m kinda lucky that I had him do me a favour by finding me a place to intern for. I have about two weeks or less. We’ll see how it goes.


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