I’m no badminton fan. As you all know I’m more of a football fan. I didn’t even know how the Thomas Cup works but thanks to Dad for explaining last night. HAHA. It was not my first time last night, I have watched a few times before, how they win and how they lose, that I know.

So before the game started, Dad was saying that Lin Dan would be too good for Chong Wei and he was right. I saw the first set and it looked easy on Lin Dan and Chong Wei was under pressure. China simply outclassed ‘our’ team.

I know that I might be the least patriotic person in the country but come on be realistic. If you’re not good, then you’re not. If you’re good, you win. How could the commentator said ” Pasukan Malaysia tewas Thomas Cup dengan bermaruah dan bermati-matian “ . Then how is tewas biasa ?

p/s : Lin Dan sure got the abs ! ;)


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