Relationship Status

Aiman was the last person who got his name displayed on my relationship status on Facebook and that was 6 months ago. Oh only now I realized that it has been 6 months. But it was there for less than two weeks , a joke or what I don’t wish to go on on that.

Since then I just kept it blank. Not stated as single, in a relationship, it’s complicated or anything at all. Seems like it is better for my relationship status to be unknown and invisible on Facebook. For those who know, let it be. For those who don’t, Facebook doesn’t have the answer.

Displaying it on Facebook is so much of publicity and I don’t wish for my significant other or our relationship itself to be talked about. It may be beyond my control but at least I am not the one who started it first.

Well maybe it is not a big deal to just display the relationship status. But I guess for me, because the relationship is a big deal and I value it so much, I prefer to keep it low. :)


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