Real Fantasy

I got hooked on Adamaya and I even watched the last episode twice yesterday. I didn’t watch it from the first episode, it was already half-way through but since like I said Malay dramas are so predictable therefore I managed to get the idea of the whole thing without having to watch it from the start.

It was all over Facebook and Twitter yesterday. It’s like a phenomenon. Especially that name Adam. I saw Adam everywhere yesterday. In fact I still do today. I can’t get enough of Adam and his sweetness too as well as every other girls. Yeah, that Adam of Adamaya of course.

Adam is nothing more than a fantasy, a make believe yet people are all over him. That shows what ? That shows someone like Adam is rare findings, limited edition and maybe at the brink of extinction. He is one sweet dream people drool on. That doesn’t matter.

As for my own Adam, ahh he’s the annoying stuck up pain in the ass character yet so hard to resist, such a darling in his own way. Ironic ;)


2 thoughts on “Real Fantasy

  1. nadzruladam May 14, 2010 / 6:03 PM

    thank you dear. so much adam’s name here. haha

    • Aysha May 14, 2010 / 6:05 PM

      haha yeah too much of nama awak here tapi bukan awak :P

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