Past Tense

As I imported my old posts on my previous blog to WordPress, I read back the posts from early 2009 and maybe late 2008 I think. I just scrolled through , like I didn’t have guts to read all those. Somehow it’s kinda weird how I could write like that. Well not all are bad, but some are hmm how should I say, some are unacceptable.

Then again, that was me a year ago. Many many months ago. At least that’s how I want to believe. My 2010 blog is more acceptable to me. I let it be more chill in, not too much of emotions, just keeping it simple and easy. Maybe not to deep on something, more casual and NOT too corny or cheesy though that might come out occasionally. excuse that.

Even Adam thought that my blog last year was kinda menyampah. yeah screw Adam. whatever Adam. blog awak dulu menyampah jugak. curse je kerja HAHA :p Okay fine, my previous writings were a little menyampah. -_-
But like I said, that’s the past. I don’t wish to go back on that phase though. So far things are good and I’ll try to keep it that way :)


2 thoughts on “Past Tense

  1. iezie May 12, 2010 / 4:38 PM

    awak awak saya saya ke? ;)

    • Aysha May 12, 2010 / 5:28 PM

      Lu gua lah. Baru rock ;)

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