The Missing Part

My brother, my only brother, the only boy in the house (Dad’s exceptional) is and has always been Mom’s favourite. I still remember when I was only 3 or 4 that it has always been like that. Yea he is Mom’s favourite since he was born. Frankly, I never had any problem with that.

I never envied him for being Mom’s boy or Mom’s favourite. My brother on the other hand never acted and never made it obvious to anyone that he is a Mommy’s boy. He is someone of his own world. He never lets anyone get on his way on living his life. Mom may say that he is her favourite but to him, all are the same and that goes the same for me too.

As hard as Mom would not want to admit that my brother is her favourite, it just got more and more obvious when he left for National Service. It has been two months since he left. Yea sure he comes back for a few times already but Mom is lost without him. I don’t think she felt that way when I left for college.

When Mom’s upset with me or my other sisters, she always turned to my brother and now he’s not here and that makes her even more down. She misses him. We all do. But he is happy there and Mom couldn’t keep him in the house forever. He has so much ahead of him.

Mom’s not behaving well when my brother has only been away for two months. At the same time she hopes for him to get the scholarship to USA (which very likely he will ) .How is she ever gonna cope with it if he leaves the country when she can’t even handle two months ?


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