I can’t remember the last time I was really angry with something or someone. It must have been so long time ago when I had anger running through my nerves. But what I know if that I don’t like how am I when I am angry. Everything about it makes me loathe myself.

I don’t scream, bash people up, curse or throw things when I’m angry. I just hold it to myself and that isn’t good at all. I don’t think I have so much patience either. It’s not like that but I try to control it as much as I can. Anger is a negative thing and I can’t let it control me.

Dad is great at being patient. Probably the most patient person  I know. Mom is the other way round. Like completely the opposite. Sometimes her anger is out of control and what I am is a little bit of them both. My patience is not too broad and my anger is very much in control.

But when someone is angry with me, I don’t be angry back. I stay calm. Because I know that’s his/her anger talking. The emotions is in control of his/her mind. There’s no point for me to be just like that. That won’t solve anything. The best thing is to wait when he/she is at the right state of mind and then we could talk.

We are humans, sometimes we can’t help being angry or pissed off with something that is not to our favour but then again, it always better to be respected than to be scared of or worse, to be hated.

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