First Lady

  • She’s the best cook
  • She’s a risk taker
  • She always have something to do
  • She cares about the cats just like how she cares about us
  • She loves teaching but she stopped teaching to try something different
  • She was a lecturer then later she owns a kindergarten
  • She is a businesswoman now, that’s new for her
  • She’s strict but has become more lenient we get older
  • She has a good taste on guys.  I could trust her eyes.
  • She doesn’t like complicated things but sometimes she complicate things
  • She is what Dad is not
  • She is a very reckless driver and you can’t sleep when she drives
  • She never forgets seat belts when she drives and she never forgets to make me wear seat belts. I don’t like seat belts.
  • She is not a fan of technology
  • She thinks BlackBerry is not friendly

She is my mother, the only one I have. She deserves all my love.
I love you, Mak.
Happy Mother’s Day.


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