Do The Ten

  1. I have privatized my Twitter account. I’ll get back to WHY? later
  2. I don’t like it when people apologize for no concrete reasons.  I won’t be sorry if I am sure I have not done anything wrong and I expect people to be and do the same too with me. I don’t play with sorries
  3. Adam from Adamaya is a sweet fictional character. Yea I say fiction because he is too much of a gentleman and that is RARE and very unlikely to see around.
  4. I miss my best friend, Imran so much. We’ve been distanced for some time now :(
  5. My status ” Maybe all men are drugs. Sometimes they bring you down and sometimes they get you so high “ on Facebook was such a hit and I still wonder why ?
  6. EPL is down to the wire. Hope is there but very little for my Devils. And I bet when the final whistle is blown resulting Chelsea’s win, my heart is going to break into pieces. It’s heartbreaking to see them lift our Trophy :(
  7. My brother has thoughts as deep as the ocean , knowledge as wide as the universe and he has an ego as high as the mountain. I envy that.
  8. I watched Iron Man 2 but I didn’t watch the first one. I don’t even really like Iron Man simply because I think he is a Superhero wannabe. Robert Downey Jr. is fine. :)
  9. Sometimes I got confused between Russel Crowe and Gerard Butler. Also Ethan Hawke and Jude Law :P
  10. I have a love/hate relationship with Malay movies and dramas. I hate that they’re too predictable. I love it that it makes me feel good that I could predict what happens next. Sometimes I could guess what he’s going to say next. Like the exact words !

When I have time, I will tell more on each of the above in my upcoming posts.


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