In Defense

snsd means So Nyuh Shi Dae. So Nyuh Shi Dae its a korean word and if translate it- Girls’ Generation. begheh?
The reason i loikkkeee snsd because eventhough they all buat plastic surgery.. but stil they look perfect..
and like i said, most of korean idol buat surgery.. if not.. hampeh la kn.

and if compared to western artist or superstar.. i kinda hate their life.
and their paparazi.
its like they all make stupid mistake and then all the reporters use that to a hit. stupid.
gossip dorg- triangle love, rumah tangga, sex tape and etc.
balik2 menda same.
so bosan sudah. i tukar parti (:

– NadzrulAdam

So he read the SNSD post and I guess he just had to tell me this. HAHA
He just loves his Girls’ Generation ( PFFT ) and his whatever Tiffany, who ? (PFFT)


2 thoughts on “In Defense

  1. NA May 6, 2010 / 8:34 AM

    ah! how dare you! it supposed just between both of us je la.

    • Aysha May 6, 2010 / 1:56 PM

      alaa takpe laa k hehe :P

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